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February 7, 2018

Just Isaac Documentary Credits

Update for the documentary on Just Isaac... Since 2015, we've been following Isaac Mitchell's boxing comeback. We are finishing up a short film about this. Documentaries are crafted from what really happens.

Release date is set for later this year. We'll keep everybody posted...


Keith Benjamin // Krystal Kwasniak // Bradley Loiselle // Christopher Ndiweni // Imtiaz Uddin Mollah // Kyle Pickard // Charles Saddington


MUSIC BY ... Just Isaac




Brodie Boone

Sherry Boone
Ontario Boxing Association

Jerry Diaz & Rick Diaz
@West Side Boxing Club

Terence Fowler @FightFit

Daryl Ireland @Evolve

Grant LaFleche

Sugar Ray McGibbon

Syd Vandepool @SydFit

Ted Boldt // Nancy Ciutat // Heidi Joshua // Jennifer Perry // Jill Purdy

Michael Aina // Timilehin Akeredolu // Heather Bailey // Mehtaj Bal // Steve Bodanis // M. Jill Cleaver // Patrick Gaykardi // Connor Hitchcock // Blair Huffman // Tanner Laroche // Nico Macri // Marty Mako // John Mayes // Rylan McCloy // Julie Ann McGeorge // Jennifer McKnight // Gordon Neul // Jason O'Connor // Mike O’Neill // Ron Omara // Nicholas Reid // Trinity Reid // Aaron Rouse // Odin Smith // Andrew Urlocker

...and Special Thanks to

Isaac Mitchell


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