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Job and the Snake

The Musical Reboot

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TARGET: Broadway

CubeCity is seeking performers, dance schools, vocal groups and percussionists to stage a show in Niagara with the intent to take it to Broadway. This will be done via a reality-TV/talent competition. At the end of the process the top performers will be awarded the opportunity to perform in New York City.

The story of Job has been judged one of the greatest ever told, influencing the likes of Victor Hugo (author of Les Miserables) to the Coen Brothers. CubeCity produced Job and the Snake in New York City some 10 years ago featuring Troy Curtis: Ricky Martin’s replacement in Menudo. The show was a success but lacked the financial momentum to continue. That was when CubeCity expanded into filmmaking.

We’ve returned to our roots of live theatre. Our aim is to go back to New York, but this time having generated the required financial resources beforehand. Coming off a successful showcase in Detroit, we’re retooling the show in Niagara where it was born. The immediate goal is an extended run in Niagara.

» Watch video of highlights from the Detroit Showcase.


"Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances." ~ Sanford Meisner


Highlights from the Detroit Showcase

Taurean Hogan as Job
Lauren Ezzo as Job's Wife
Sergio Mautone as Satan
» More on this cast


Information for Performance Groups *

  1. Performers will be expected to costume themselves.
  2. Performers will be provided their recorded music and blocking charts.
  3. Performers will assemble twice on-site to rehearse their parts.
  4. Three impartial judges will assess all performances:
    • » Appearance/Costumes (all participants)
    • » Quality/excellence of narrative interpretation (dancers)
    • » Quality of vocal performance (vocalists)
    • » Quality of spoken dialogue (actors)
    • » Offstage courtesy, professional attitude (all participants)
    • » Audience response to performance (all participants)
  5. Reduced group tickets will be available for those attached to performers.
  6. Weekly door prizes.

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Contact Us

Email us at:
cubecitycasting [at]

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Job and the Snake
Job and the Snake
Job and the Snake

"A modern-day telling of the classic struggle of good and evil."

Who is JOB?

One of the oldest and most universal of stories

To the Jew... he is a paragon of virtue.

To the Christian... a model of patience and suffering.

In Eastern Mysticism... a great avatar.

In Islam... a prophet.

Even to atheists and agnostics, he stands as a defiant hero.

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