Lazer Us: The Legend of Jimi Lazer

Jimi Lazer is famous: to a few people. His plans to become famous to a lot of people, however, include sacrificing the ones who need him most. Now it's a race against the devil to possess the guitar that's causing all the trouble. Little does he realize that breaking his curse is as easy as raising the dead. » Read More

Part Blues Brothers, part Scott Pilgrim, it’s difficult to dislike The Legend of Jimi Lazer... The script and music makes [the film] shine. Highly recommended.” - Donal O’Connor,

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Lazer Us (2014)

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Jimi Lazer backstage
Jim and Zmoothie in the Hex's House
Freedom finds Jim

Winner - Best Adventure Film (2013, Manhattan Film Festival)

The Story...

Imagine a guitar that could make your wildest dreams come true... and "all you have to do is play it." When Jimi Lazer (played by Robbie Beniuk), front-man guitarist of the up-and-coming rock band LAZER US gets wind of this six-stringed magic, he pays a visit to the House Where Dreams Come True. Inside, a cloaked witch presents an ordinary stratocaster. "Is this it?" he asks. "This'll make me as famous as Hendrix?" The Hex (played by Tanya Lynne) smiles and Jimi takes what he came for. But there's a catch. The cost is more than he is willing to pay. Realizing she won’t let him back out of the deal, he now lives under a curse. Jimi Lazer takes the guitar and disappears. Nobody hears from him again.

Twenty-seven long years pass. A mystery man in a black hat drives a beat-up van down a lonely road. He stops to read a sign in front of a vast field: "Welcome to Limbo". As if led by a higher power, he gets out and walks to a distant horse trailer, opens the door and finds the long lost Jimi Lazer. The name of the man in the hat is Freedom; he is Jimi’s old manager (played by Patrick J. Mitchell). He tells Jimi that he has had a vision… a dream… and he offers Jimi a chance to make his dream come true and also break the curse once and for all.

Jimi Lazer and the magic guitar


open tuning

Imagine a guitar that could make your wildest dreams come true...

Behind the Story...

Producer and Screenwriter, Roberto Munoz, came of age during the 1960s. He and his high school friends formed a rock band called the Mandates of Eden. They played locally in the Niagara Region from 1966-1969. Munoz went on to become a concert promoter in the 1980s. He managed the alternative Gospel band, Level Heads, featuring Canadian Grammy award-winning musician, Jim Chevalier. As a promoter, he staged concerts for guitarist Phil Keaggy and Second Chapter of Acts. In 1988, Munoz organized a three-day music festival at Bingeman Park in Kitchener, Ontario called Freedom 88; notable names at the festival included Steve Taylor, Adam Again, and the Grammy-award winning band, The Choir.

In the 1990s, he managed Rasmania, a band featuring brothers Miq and Mann Munoz, with drummer Robin Pirson. Inspired by a university course in literature, in 1993 they wrote a rock musical called 'Job and the Snake'. By 2006, they had turned to filmmaking.

In 2011, with two feature films to their credit, two things happened to bring about this film project. First, Roberto Munoz had a dream where he saw Jim Chevalier playing guitar with Johnny Cash. Second, he met up with old bandmates: Brian Armstrong and Dave Mullen. Former Mandates connections—Lynn Martinson, Christina Howard, and Diane May—also became instrumental in bringing this movie about the story of the fictional Jimi Lazer and his band, LAZER US, to life.

On set with Freedom


  • cast and crew

    Robbie Beniuk

    Patrick Mitchell

    Amy Landon

    Elijah Black

  • RED
    Robert Tanos

    Christopher Elliott

  • HEX
    Tanya Lynne

    Jim Yorfido

  • Filming Jimi Lazer
  • JENNY ... Kristine Neumann
  • SOLO JOE ... Martin Geiger
  • UNLUCKY GUITARIST ... William G. Hobbs
  • VICIOUS VIRTUOSO ... John Claus
  • BUDDY GOODMAN ... Corey Melton
  • TICKET TAKER ... Carol Legassick
  • LIMO DRIVER ... Larry "Limo Larry" Lemelin
  • OLD JIM ... Mark Clifford
  • MOTHER ... Colleen Unrau
  • BABY ... Ava Marie Hudson
  • cult members

  • SUNSHINE MARY ... Pam Yorfido
  • FUNDY SUNDY ... Dave Mullen
  • JOSE MARIA ... Victor Anthony
  • HOLY SMOKES ... Frankie Skrzeszewski
  • MR. BLUES ... Thomas Nelson
  • DRUMMER BOY ... Robert Nowak
  • UNDERCOVER MAN ... Todd Melville
  • production team

  • PRODUCER ... Roberto Munoz
  • EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS ... Michael & Zsiporah Moon
  • ASSOCIATE PRODUCER ... Brian Armstrong
  • ASSOCIATE PRODUCER ... Stephen J. Velichko
  • DIRECTOR ... Mann Munoz
  • ORIGINAL MUSIC ... Miq Munoz
  • PRODUCTION MANAGER ... Jill M. Munoz
  • 1ST ASST DIRECTOR ... Maria Antonia
  • 2ND ASST DIRECTOR ... Kim Wiley
  • 1ST CAMERA ASST ... Kevin Allan
  • 2ND CAMERA ASST ... Elizabeth Franklin
  • CASTING ... Mandates Casting
  • PRODUCTION SECRETARY ... Lynn Martinson
  • GAFFER ... Kevin Wiley
  • BEST BOY ... Michael Naundorf
  • PROP MISTRESS ... Susanna Klumpenhouwer
  • art department

  • Eleanor Hill, Diane May, Dave Mullen
  • pre-production team

  • Brian Armstrong, Christina Howard, Natalie Howard, Lynn Martinson, Dave Mullen, Roberto Munoz
  • production assistants

  • Hannah Miller, Shayleigh Sihlis, Judah Munoz, Lusha Palmer, Briana Perrin-Claus, Liz Smith, K.J. Wiley

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